A New Era of Urban Innovation

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How we live in cities is one of the great challenges of our time. That’s why we’re focused on creating new urban innovations that lead to jobs, save resources and improve livability.

At the Portland Sustainability Institute, we create and incubate smart practices here that lead to green cities everywhere. We’re reenvisioning neighborhoods that are vibrant, livable and green. With EcoDistricts and our EcoDistricts Academy, we are changing how neighborhoods revitalize and we creating a new generation of neighborhood leaders. With our Climate Prosperity Greenprint, we’ve created a green economy and climate policy roadmap for our region. With our new Portland: We Build Green Cities campaign, we are helping Portland convert its early leadership in sustainable development into increased business prosperity.

This is just a small sample of our work. A new era of urban innovation is upon us; the tying-together of so many urban innovations at once -- district energy, green streets, smart grid, and local transportation options to name a few. Aside from population pressure, this new era is also emerging because of the financial crisis, not in spite of it. These projects create jobs, strengthen the clean tech and real estate development sectors and provide consistent and ongoing cost and resource savings. They also demonstrate that the world's greatest greening opportunity may not be saving trees, but rather making our cities self-reliant so they are less dependent on the natural order for resources.

We need your support. We play a key role in improving the lives of all living things in cities. As a nonprofit, we can’t do our work without you.

Join us and help lead in a new era.