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Media Room
  • 1/24/11: Portland Architecture reviews Above Portland, a book that explores Portland through aerial photography and a series of essays, including one by PoSI's Rob Bennett. "Guest post: a camera with wings"
  • 11/24/10: The Willamette Week explores the reasons to build the Oregon Sustainability Center and to support the City's leadership in sustainability. "Green Giant"
  • 10/29/10: Sustainable Industries interviews Mayor Sam Adams about Portland sustainability projects. "What's Up Portland?"
  • 10/24/10: The Environmental Blog looks at the intersection of EcoDistricts and the Oregon Sustainability Center. "EcoDistricts"
  • 05/10: PoSI's Rob Bennett and Green Building Services' Ralph DiNola explore what it takes to scale up to EcoDistricts in the May/June issue of Eco-Structure. "Scaling Up"
  • 03/18/10: PoSI's Rob Bennett talks about sustainability, PoSI's work, and the collaborative "sandbox" of Portland on the Portland Sustainability Channel. See Part I and Part II.
  • 03/01/10: Jill Long explores the governance and engagement needed for an EcoDistrict at BuilderNews. "Forming an EcoDistrict"
  • 12/7/09: PSU's career center interviews PoSI Program Manager Naomi Cole on her work in sustainability. "Working Green: Episode 4"
  • 11/2/09: Sustainable Industries reports on the Northwest's activities around EcoDistricts, highlighting our initiative in Portland metro. "Urban Flight"
  • 9/15/09: Jeff Hammarlund and Connie Ozawa describe what urban sustainability means to the Portland region and the world in Fast Thinking. "City Life"